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If this is your first time visiting Classified Weapons this page will help you find a parts kit (gun parts). These kits can be used for spare parts or built into a legal functional firearm. Just select a website from the list above. If you see something you like you can click on the title and you will be brought to the item page where you can read descriptions and see photos. Please follow all your Federal, State and local laws before building a new firearm.


Automatic Updates


All of the websites lists are updated every 6 hours to help make sure you dont miss any new items.

Unfortunately not all of the 28 websites listed can be automatically updated. For these sites, there

will be a link provided that will connect to their page making these items easy and

fast to view.


Non-Update List

1. Atlantic Firearms

2. BrpGuns

3. GunParts

4. AkParts

5. FTF Industries

6. RGuns

7. Gun Things